As a training organization, TalentPool understand that efficiency is the keypoint which leads to the successful development of a business. 


With a mission to turn personal potential into labor efficiency, we offer solutions package “Personal Development” for all customers.


Our solutions package aims to:

– Promote self-invested personal potential development

– Develop a professional career roadmap

– Train basic skills (such as developing emotional intelligence, fostering professional style…)


The topics are designed to suit each individual with the aim to bring the best value to customers on the path to develop themselves and their careers. TalentPool focus on intensive training with the training program:


  1. Personal Effectiveness
  2. Executive Coaching 1-1
  3. Dating With Experts
  4. Public Speaking
  5. Education & Career Roadmap






TalentPool solutions are designed to consult for each specific enterprise according to their own scale, background, target and commitment. 


For more information, please contact us:
Mrs. Lê Thủy – Deputy of Director
Phone: 0912292562

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